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What We Do
(and how we do it)

Most companies will offer you a schedule, a course, a 12-step programme to achieving your potential.

We take a different approach to personal development.

At Speakeasy, we believe that public speaking is, well, easy. The only person stopping you is you. We believe that change only happens from the bottom up, and that no two people are made the same.

Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all solution, we take the time to find out your personal blockers and goals, and work through and towards them with bespoke support packages tailored to your specific needs. We see public speaking as the tip of the iceberg, the visible portion of self-belief and self-confidence. We work with you to find out what’s stopping you from communicating and, more importantly, what you really want to say. We use a combination of immersion and dissociation techniques to pull apart what is impeding your progress and give you the confidence to speak in front of any audience.

When writing, script editing or directing your speech, we start with the audience. What do they expect? What do they want? How can we give them the latter whilst subverting the former? Who do they think you are when you come in, and who do you want them to see you as when you leave? We work with you to create modular boilerplate speeches so you can chop and change segments to fit the occasion, leaving you prepared for anything.