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1:1 and Group Coaching

We offer a range of 1:1 and group coaching models, from intense analyses of your practices and habits, to team building and peer-coaching services. We also offer reduced rates for community and outreach groups.

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Auxiliary Services

We offer supportive work priced on a per-project basis. Services include script editing, personal brand consultation and refinement, and presentation flow commentary.

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There’s recognition from our entire team, it has been extremely valuable just to stop, take stock, and simply talk to somebody else about things relating to our business, take some time to reflect; and then think about how best to talk about those things to others. We simply don’t have it otherwise. How would I say this, how would I deliver it? What do I want to achieve?

James, Private Client Manager

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We worked on breathing, use of pauses, and physical and mental preparation. I now feel more comfortable and more confident in front of an audience, and in myself.

David, Private Client Manager

It’s been so constructive, I’ve now got stories up my sleeve and have increasing confidence presenting to anyone without needing to worry or prepare.

James, Client Lead

I liked building a boilerplate, it highlighted a few little stories and helped me refine my USP, I’ve already used it on many many occasions.

Jake, Commercial Lead

We worked exactly how I wanted to work. The level of flexibility was incomparable to anything I’ve experienced before and helped my progression no end.

Sophie, Writer